CCTV Camera Inspection

Are you experiencing problems with bad odour, sewer pipes or blocked drains?

If so call Glentoor Water Conservation can assist you today.

Glentoor Water Conservation provide CCTV camera inspections to investigate and determine the source of any problem in drains, sewers, foul water pipes, septic tanks or soak pits

Using specialised CCTV units Glentoor Water Conservation internally inspect the sewer or drains to determine the cause of the problem, be it a partial blockage, odour problem or just a routine inspection.

There are many causes for blocked drains or sewers, some of which include:

  • Build-up of grease, fats and oils.
  • Build-up of silt
  • Pipes bellying due to ground movement or pipes sinking
  • Foreign intrusion, mainly the growth or tree roots causing pipe cracking, compression or complete blockage.
  • Defective rubber seals or joints

There are huge advantages of CCTV inspections including:

  • An internal view of the problem.
  • The exact location can be determined, avoiding unnecessary excavation works
  • The integrity of the whole system can be evaluated.
  • Solution to the problem can be obtained easily using the information at hand.
  • Location of future problems, be it a cracked pipe or defective joint, can be identified and dealt with.

Upon identification Glentoor Water Conservation offer advice on how best to rectify the problem, keeping disruption and cost to a minimum. A full repair service is also provided dealing with all aspects of excavation, repair and reinstatement.

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