Leak Detection Services Ireland

Leak Detection Company Ireland Having a water leak can be a costly and disruptive occurrence. Glentoor Water Conservation are a leading leak detection company in Ireland & using the latest electronic technology we help dealing with a water leak a hassle free experience.

A preliminary site survey is carried out to establish the route of the main water supply to the premises, be it domestic and commercial. Upon location of this supply, initial leak detection initiatives are put in place. The search for a leak in pin pointed to a particular area with the use of the specialised equipment, where more intensive strategies are deployed to detect the exact location of the leak.

The entire process is non-invasive and non-intrusive, allowing the leak to be detected keeping disruption and repair costs to an absolute minimum.

The detection process applies to both external and internal leaks.

Glentoor Water Conservation also provide a variety of other leak detection services including renewal and leak repair options, dealing with all aspects of excavation, repair and permanent re-instatement of all works.

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