What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage and reuse of rainwater.


Properly collected, controlled and distributed, rainwater is a viable and economic way of reducing your water usage and charges. Collected rainwater has a variety of uses to help make a sustainable economy , conserving a natural resource , energy and  reducing our carbon footprint.

Why would you harvest rainwater?

There are multiple benefits of harvesting rainwater:

  • Saving water is saving money.
  • Save a valuable natural resource
  • Energy saving: why treat and pump water to do what rainwater can do, readily available from your roof.
  • Reduce your metered usage thus reducing your bill.

There are many uses for harvested rainwater:

  • Watering your garden {cheap and hosepipe ban exempt}
  • Washing your car, patio, driveway etc.
  • Flushing toilets which consists of an estimated 33% of average household daily use.

Rainwater harvesting is an efficient, effective way of conserving water and reducing costs.

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