Water Analysis

Water quality has become an issue nationwide. All too often we hear of ‘boil notices’ for various parts of the country with the water being contaminated with various strains of bacterium or chemicals. Glentoor Water Conservation provides a site specific water analysis service to ensure water quality is of the required standard.

Water samples are taken at various points throughout the building and analysed and texted in the lab.  A detailed report is issued on the findings, leaving you, the customer, with the peace of mind that your water supply is of the desired standard.  All buildings, be it, commercial, industrial or the hospitality industry, have a complex internal plumbing system to cater for the huge demand of water.  Most buildings have large storage tanks to aid in this continuous supply where large volumes of water are required continuously.

A common issue is the infiltration of foreign matter, bacterium or harmful chemicals into the water distribution network which can in turn be responsible for various illnesses to all consumers both staff and clientele particularly in the hospitality industry.  This can also lead to financial loss and bad publicity.

Let us at Glentoor Water Conservation help you to ensure the water used by you and consumed by your customers meets all recommended criteria.

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