Large Air-Jet Hand Held

Product Description

A vacuum valve is built at the bottom of the shower head to increase water pressure. The valve sucks in outside air due to atmospheric pressure differences. This creates compressed air bubbles which are expanded quickly at the top of the shower head, causing explosions of extra pressure.

New Technology - Vacuum valve air pressure system is a worlds first!
Save Water - System is a worlds first!
Increase Pressure - High pressured system will give you the most satisfying shower!


AirJet uses 40-50% less water than conventional shower
heads under the same conditions.


  • Made for durability with shock resistant ABs resin.
  • Built with silicon Orings which endure high temperatures.
  • A 4 ring, strong water hose connective section prevents any breaking of the shower head.
  • Perfectly engineered curvature ange for the most satisfying showers.

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